The cabin is built on a top end 12,500 pound capacity 20 foot long hauling trailer. The back end allows for the hauling of an all terrain vehicle. In addition to the hauling space which doubles as the entry deck there is a fold down deck that adds an additional 42 square feet of elevated deck space. Above the fold down deck is a platform that folds up to become an elevated hunting blind, therefore allowing someone to hunt from the cabin without leaving a scent trail going to another location. The elevated hunting platform can be easily accessed from a small doorway in the secondary sleeping/storage loft.

Inside you will find amenities such as quartz counter tops in the kitchen and a Corian surround shower stall with a custom made Corian shower pan. A 27 gallon water tank is hidden under the cabinet space, if water hookups are not available. A marine gas heater keeps occupants toasty warm in the colder months of the year. One of the favorite features inside is the knotty tree trunk with the peg ladder that provides access to the main sleeping loft (a separate stowable ladder is provided for those who may not be quite nimble enough to use the tree ladder). Other included utilities are a deep well battery system for those times electric hookup is not available, an on demand water heater for warm showers, a high end composting toilet and a refrigerator.